Meet the Owner

Jeremy Young


  • Earned 4-Week Live Sound Course Certificate (2010) from Summit School of Guitar Building (and formerly Live Sound) as taught by the late Randy Bergner: Owner of ELS Pro Audio, FOH Engineer for The Scorpions, Trooper, & Sarah Brightman among others, amazing speaker customizer - Summit School Website Link

    Course Outline:

     Understanding, modifying, repairing, reconing, testing and measuring loudspeakers using various test equipment, software and microphones. 

      Building & designing loudspeakers, restoration, how to set up and secure loudspeaker systems.

      Understanding mixer routing, outboard patching, cable assembly and repair, system processor patching.

      Microphone characteristics, placement techniques, applications, maintenance and repair.

      Practical application of concert set-ups, verification, and artist mixing both FOH and Monitor roles under supervision of a live sound engineer.

     Tour management, rental business practices, artist relations, riders, contracts, insurance.

  • Live Performance Electrical Certification (LPEC) from ActSafe (2019).

    The LPEC certifies a worker to perform the following scope of work:

      Set up temporary, plug-in electrical systems used in Performing Arts, trade shows, conventions, touring shows and festivals

      Utilize existing fault-protected electrical systems

      Interconnect plug and cap assemblies and branch circuits

      Set-up and interconnect XLR, 3, 4, and 5 pin cables, telex cable, coaxial, cat-5 and A/V cable

      Service equipment under manufacturer’s documented recommendations and instructions.

      Supervise a maximum of two uncertified workers on work within the LPEC scope

  • Click here for more information on the LPEC Program

  • ELS Pro Audio (European Loudspeaker): Employed in the repair department, (repairing keyboards, mixers and amps, building custom cables and snakes, patch bays, reconing speakers, and building various electronic gadgets) along with inventory tracking and client invoicing for 2 years. During this time I also performed as Sound Engineer at various multi-day festivals, concerts and awards ceremonies - Link to ELS Facebook Page

  • 2 years at The Rod & Gun Pub, Parksville BC as House Sound Engineer mixing various touring and cover bands, tribute acts and a variety of DJ’s and MC’s - Link to Rod & Gun

  • 5 years of Freelance Audio Engineer work with various sound companies at concerts, festivals, conferences, weddings, talent shows, fashion shows, and more

  • Well versed in Smaart (Rational Acoustics) dual-channel audio analyzers for sound system alignment and optimization - Link to Rational Acoustics Website

  • Proficient operator of audio mixing consoles from Allen & Heath, Midas, Behringer, Mackie, Yamaha, Soundcraft, Soundtracs, Presonus, and more - Link to Allen & Heath iLive Website

  • Audinate Dante Level 1 Certification - Link

  • Exceptional communication skills, attention to detail - held professional sales careers with massive achievements in highly technical fields - Link to The Master Group

  • Regular contributor to the Pro Sound Web Forums, online community of audio professionals helping audio professionals - Link to PSW Forums

  • Musician/Performer/Composer for 20 years, performed live at hundreds of shows, wrote and released dozens of original songs, helped produce EP’s in professional studios, booked and promoted events, made guest appearances with artists for one-off events, appeared on radio, recorded music videos, designed pedalboards and hand-built amplifiers, customized speakers, worked as guitar and drum tech, driver, manager, merch seller - Link to The Day He Quit on iTunes