Audio & Lighting Equipment




Stage Monitors





Danley Sound Labs SM80-Touring, 12”/3” Coaxial Horn-Loaded Loudspeakers, 134dB 80x80 110hz-22khz (2)
JTR Orbit Shifter Pro, 18” 9’ Folded-Horn Passive Subwoofers, 142dB omni 35hz-115hz (4)
JTR Captivator 212 Pro 2x12” Bass Reflex Powered Subwoofers, 135dB omni 39hz-650hz (2)
Electro-Voice ZXA5, 15”/2” Bi-amped Powered Loudspeakers/Monitors, 133dB 90x50 50hz-20khz (2)
Electro-Voice SX250, 15”/1.25” Passive Fill Speakers/Monitors, 130dB 80x55 50hz-20khz (4)
Electro-Voice SXA250, 15”/1.25” Powered Fill Speakers/Monitors, 130dB 80x55 50hz-20khz (4)

Crest Pro-Lite 7.5 Rackmount 2-channel Amplifier (2)
Crest Pro-Lite 3.0 Rackmount 2-channel Amplifier (2)
QSC PLD 4.2 Rackmount 4-channel Amplifier with DSP (1)
Electro-Voice DC-One 2x6 48khz 24-bit System Processor (1)
Denon DN-700C Rackmount CD/Digital Media Player (1)
Peavey Portable Power Distribution Unit, NEMA14-50P to 6 x NEMA5-20R ETL Listed (1)

Global Truss ST-132 Crank Stands w/ Levelling Leg 13’-2” (2)
Ultimate Support TS-110BL Air-Powered Stands w/ Levelling Leg 9’-2” (2)
Peavey & Ultimate Support Tripod Stands (4)
K&M Distance Rods, Tilt Adapters, Side-Mount Crossbars, T-bars (various)
BT-12CL Balanced Speaker Tilters (2)
Undercover NYC FS/W Custom Acoustically Transparent Weatherproof Loudspeaker Covers (4)

Audio Mixers



Allen & Heath iLive iDR32 MixRack Digital Rackmount Mixer 64-input/32-bus, 32 preamps, 16 outputs + 64ch Dante (1)
Allen & Heath iLive iDR16 MixRack Digital Rackmount Mixer 64-input/32-bus, 16 preamps, 8 outputs + 64ch Dante (1)
Allen & Heath iLive T112 Mixing Surface, 28 Motorized Faders, Touchscreen, 16/14 local I/O, ACE (1)
Allen & Heath iLive R72 Mixing Surface, 12 Motorized Faders, Touchscreen, 10/8 local I/), ACE (2)

CyberPower Simulated Sinewave UPS (2)
Gigabit POE Ethernet Switch (2)
Dual-Band WAP (2)

Audio-Technica System 10 Pro Digital Wireless System with Handheld Dynamic Microphone (1)
Audio-Technica System 10 Pro Digital Wireless System with beltpack transmitter (1)
Audio-Technica AT3528 Small Diaphragm Condenser (1)
Shure SM58 (4)
Shure SM57 (2)
Shure SM86 Condenser (1)
Shure BETA 87A Condenser (2)
Shure PG58S (1)
Shure PG52 (1)
Shure PG56 (3)
Heil PR22 (5)
Heil PR28 (3)
Heil PR30B (2)
Heil PR48 (1)
Sennheiser E865 Condenser (2)
Sennheiser E906 (1)
Sennheiser E609 (1)
AKG D-112 (1)
Audix OM-2 (1)
DBX D10 Passive DI (3)
Radial JDI Passive DI (1)
Audinate Dante AVIO 2-channel Analog Input Audio Network Adapter (1)
Audinate Dante AVIO 2-channel Input/2-channel Output Digital AES Audio Network Adapter (1)
Mic Stands - 30+ various K&M, Yorkville, St Louis

Stage Power Distribution Stringers for Backline and Pedalboards, GFCI Protected
8-channel XLR Sub-Snake (3)
EtherCon Rugged Cat5 Snake on Reel 50m/164’ (2)
Various Power Cabling Systems for 240v and 120V mains systems: IEC, NEMA5-20, PowerCon, PowerCon True1, NEMA14-50, “California” 50A Twist-Lock

Stage Lighting

Elation Seven Par 7IP LED Par, 185-watt, Red/Green/Blue/Amber/White/Ultra-Violet/Lime Green emitters, IP65 Waterproof Rated (8)
American DJ Dotz Par, 36-watt Red/Green/Blue emitters, Chip-On-Board Homogenized Beam (8)
ENTTEC ODE Artnet/DMX Node, single universes (1)
DMX King eDMX Artnet/DMX POE Node, dual universe (1)
Luminaire Lighting Control App
Chauvet Data Stream 4, Rackmount DMX Optical Splitter (1)
Chauvet Hurricane 900 Fog Machine (2)
ADJ Fog Fury Jett Pro LED Geyser Effects with DMX, Red/Green/Blue/Amber/Ultra-Violet (2)