What we bring to the table

Our audio systems have been carefully selected for flexibility, power to weight ratio, and speed of deployment with a single operator. When our systems are set up on site, every loudspeaker zone is acoustically measured and its response flattened for the acoustics of the listening space.  This level of attention allows for the most accurate representation possible of the sound entering the microphone, which also improves resistance to feedback.  

In sound reinforcement applications, its our mantra that a sound system should not have a tonal character of its own, but rather should be neutral sounding to allow a blank slate on which to sculpt a suitable mix.  

Phase coherency, frequency response and signal to noise ratio are all optimized for maximum impact and clarity based on the volume requirements of the event. We can provide enough touring grade loudspeakers and subwoofers to handle events from 50 to 1,500 attendees (typical conditions), indoors or out.  We don't rely on pushing our equipment to the very limits of its abilities just to get the job done, but no one wants the eyesore of huge stacks of speakers if it can be avoided, so its important to review the exact needs of the event ahead of time so we have enough "Rig for the Gig"; keeping the show going until the very end.

We take advantage of modern speaker design, cabinet construction techniques and cutting-edge power amplifier technology for sound levels previously unattainable on small power circuits.  

This means less electrical power is consumed for the sound system than ever before, which is both great for the environment as well as for events held in older venues with limited power available near the stage.  All of our amplifiers use Class-D topology with power factor correction, which means the mains (A/C) supply isn't affected for everyone else's needs, including backline for the performing artists, or sensitive video and lighting equipment. We have a well-planned electrical distribution strategy using properly listed/sized components for the application, minimizing surprises mid-event and reducing electrical noise and hums which are typically the result of an inadequate electrical distribution scheme.

Our largest of systems are capable of the sound levels concertgoers expect for rock, dance, punk, metal and electronic music;  which are some of the most demanding reinforcement applications.

We believe your music should be experienced with every subtle nuance and complex timbre by every member of the audience, not just the ones in the "good seats".  

Careful attention to speaker deployment for minimum excitement of room resonances, maximum dynamic range, and vocal intelligibility are what we strive for at every single event.  We are experienced at mixing all genres of music, including but not limited to: Rock, Metal, Punk, Reggae, Folk, Bluegrass, Celtic, Ska, Latin, Singer/Songriter, Hip-Hop/MC, R&B, Blues, Classical, Dinner Theatre, Children's Entertainers and more.  

Our world class digital mixer platform from Allen & Heath can be controlled wirelessly with an iPad for smaller events, so an obtrusive mixer table doesn't eat up paying customer seating or distract from the event. For larger events we have several mixing consoles available depending on the needs of the event that would satisfy most professional touring engineer riders, or we can cross-rent from another local provider to handle specific requests if required.  

Brown Bear Sound has fully embraced the digital age, bringing with it major infrastructure improvements, saving space and time during set-up by having all outboard effects and processing built into the mixer and smaller, more efficient workspaces for the Sound Engineer. 

Our digital snakes allow us to run up to 128 channels of audio and control signals down a single ethernet cable approximately as thick as a pencil, significantly reducing setup time and troubleshooting.  We have a good assortment of industry standard wired microphones for a variety of sound sources.

Our lighting system utilizes 100% LED fixtures for low heat production and less power draw than conventional tungsten source PAR cans and lekos.  We use high-frequency LED drivers that won't cause annoying flickering on video recordings like "budget" fixtures are known to do.  Our wedding and special event production packages include distributed up-lighting to enhance the ambience of the venue, and effect lights with fog machine atmospheric enhancements for an interstellar dance-floor experience.  Our concert production packages include basic stage wash lighting to connect you to your audience and keep the eyes on the stage with a light sprinkling of eye-candy effects.  

For more advanced lighting shows, we recommend hiring a dedicated lighting designer from one of many local qualified companies.  

As a single-person operation, our ability to operate a full-scale light show and mix sound at the same time just won't deliver the calibre of results we would want our name on.

Here are a few reputable Event Lighting supply companies you can contact for more information:

  • DL Lighting (doug@dlsound.net)
  • Pacific Audio Works (rentals@pacificaudio.com)
  • Croy & Company Stage Lighting (info@croycolighting.com)
  • Pro Shop Sound & Lighting (250-361-1711)

Patron and performer safety is always a top priority with Brown Bear Sound.

Safe deployment of speakers and responsible sound levels means event-goers will come back for more. Not everyone's ears are built the same, so earplugs are provided free of charge for attendees, and volume levels are monitored and recorded throughout the duration of the event.

All the equipment we provide is clean and well-kept, suitable for the most demanding ballrooms and conference event esthetics.  Our cabling is neat and gaffer-tape secured to reduce tripping hazards and make troubleshooting easier. 

Stage power provided for performers is GFCI protected when used outdoors, and all electrical components are NEC code-compliant and UL Listed for their intended use.