Brown Bear Sound is a Live Sound audio equipment provider for small to medium sized live events.  

What does that mean? Well, we have a flexible inventory of sound equipment designed to amplify and distribute audio across a large listening area.  

If you’ve ever been to a large scale concert, you’ve probably noticed the mix-person in the audience, standing behind a large mixing desk making sure that the performers artistic vision is being fulfilled from the audience perspective.  That’s the audio engineer.

Large concerts are handled by large teams of technicians and truckloads of equipment.  We have one technician and one truck.  This means that we are not your one-stop shop for every size event, but it also means that if you hire Brown Bear Sound, you will always get our top technician with all of his experience and expertise, not some last-minute hired gun working with equipment he’s unfamiliar with. 

Whether you’re in a band who has booked a gig in a venue with a sound system that’s inadequate (or non-existent); an event promoter interested in raising the bar on your production quality; or you’re delivering a presentation to a large audience and need to be heard - Brown Bear Sound is here to help.

The larger the audience listening area, the more important it is to have a sound engineer mixing the performance in real-time from the audience area to enhance the excitement and help create a lasting memory for your fans. 

We are not a full-scale A/V supplier, but we also won’t charge like one either.  We have a varied collection of equipment from world-renowned brands in the professional audio industry, all maintained and transported with professionalism and care.  We use cutting edge technology to allow us to do more with less, to make the setup and cleanup of each event smoother and faster, all while taking up less space at the venue than comparable systems from just 10 years ago.