We understand that every event is unique, and we've tried our best to come up with some standardized solutions for the myriad of applications our equipment and expertise find ourselves in.  The packages below represent some of the ways we can configure our inventory to suit the most common applications we deal with.  

We have good relationships with several other local sound providers, so if there is a critical piece of equipment that isn't in our gear list that the performers require for their show, simply contact us and we'll see if we can source it. 


Weather can be unpredictable, but having a good plan in place for inclement weather is key to the safety of your audience and performers.  As you may be aware, electricity and water can be a dangerous combination; lightning makes things even more interesting.  Wind can also wreak havoc on the stability of stage platforms and speaker stacks.   We have custom weatherproof, acoustically transparent fitted covers for our loudspeakers, tarps for our amp racks, and tents for our mixing desks.  

For outdoor events, we add a $100 surcharge

to any of our systems to cover the wear and tear on these items, bringing them to the event and having them on-hand so that they can be deployed at the first indication of a weather event.  Contact us to discuss the outdoor event guidelines that we recommend for a safe and prosperous event.  Nobody.... not audience, performers, local crew or production vendors, should have to die or risk preventable injuries for a good time to be had.

All rental equipment rates subject to 2.5% consumables surcharge over and above base rates listed below.

Audio Engineer Rates

$35/hour, minimum 4-hour call time, first 10 consecutive hours.
$60/hour, hours 11-15
$90/hour, hours 16-18

This does not include set-up of equipment (covered in flat rate).

Loudspeaker Systems

Basic Setup/Strike and Delivery/Pickup Charge (Within the Capital Regional District):

$150 flat rate for all of our packages delivered to a single location.  

Billed only once per event.  Contact us for rates outside the CRD.

System A

Typical Applications include small to medium scale Concerts, large scale public address, and Festivals.

2 x Danley SM80 Synergy Horn Coaxial Mid-High Cabinets
2 x BT-12CL Balanced Tilters
2 x Global Truss ST-132 13' Crank Stands
2 x JTR Speakers Orbit Shifter Pro Folded Horn Subwoofers
1 x Crest Pro-Lite Class-D Amp Rack with EV DC-One Loudspeaker Processor and 50A 230v Power Distribution System
All required cabling and interconnects.  XLR analog or AES digital stereo inputs.
Base Package Rate: $440/day
Monitors (EV SX250) @ $40/wedge (maximum of 8 on this rig)
Side Fill/Delay (EV ZXA5) @ $90/pair (maximum one pair on this rig)
Subwoofer for DJ or Drum Monitor (EAW FR250z) @ $75 (maximum one on this rig)

Electrical Requirements: One dedicated 50amp 230v circuit within 50 feet of the performance area.
Allow approximately 4-6 hours for setup before sound check, and 2-4 hours for strike of this system.

System B

Typical Applications include small scale Concerts, Weddings and special events.

2 x EV ZXA5 Active Loudspeakers
2 x 9' Tripod Speaker Stands
1 x EAW FR250z Subwoofer
1 x QSC PLD4.2 Class-D DSP Amplifier
All required cabling/interconnects.  XLR analog stereo inputs.
Base Package Rate: $200/day
Monitors (EV SXA250) @ $40/wedge (maximum of 5 on this rig)

Electrical Requirements: One dedicated 15amp 120v circuit within 50 feet of the performance area.
Allow approximately 2-3 hours for setup before sound check, and 1-2 hours for strike of this system.

Digital Mixer Packages:

Allen & Heath iLive iDR-32 DSP MixRack 64x32 Channel DSP Engine, 6U, 32 Mic/line in, 16 out, w/ 10U shock-mount rack, Netgear R7000 Nighthawk Gigabit Dual Band 802.11ac 5GHz WAP, 300w Simulated Sinewave Rackmount UPS. M-Dante card for networking, digital splits, or multitrack recording.
Controllable via iPad remote and/or laptop over WiFi.  

Two sizes of control surfaces available depending on venue space and complexity of act:
Compact Concert:
1 x R72 Mixing Surface w/ hard case, 12 motorized faders in 6 banks.
1 x Cat5 Rugged Ethercon Snake 130’ on Reel
1 x 100' 14ga SJOW Power Extension on Reel.
iDR32 with R72 and iPad Base Rate: $150/day

Full Size Festival or Concert:
1 x T112 Mixing Surface w/ hard case & castors, 28 motorized faders in 4 banks.
1 x Cat5 Rugged Ethercon Snake 130’ on Reel
1 x 100' 14ga SJOW Power Extension on Reel.
1 x 6’ Folding Table w/ Black Skrim
iDR32 with T112 and iPad Base Rate: $175/day

Contact us for information on multi-track recording services.

Mackie DL1608 16-in/8-out Digital Mixer with iPad control, hard case and wireless access point.
16 Analog preamps limit this mixer to single-act concerts or smaller input-count events.
DL608 with iPad and Router Base Rate: $45/day


Includes over 30 various pro level wired vocal and instrument mics, all cables, clips, clamps, stands, adapters and a handful of pro grade DI boxes.
1 x 50' Stage Stringer with five quad boxes for convenience/backline power around stage area.
1 x 50' 8-channel sub snake
2 x 25' 8-channel sub snakes
Base Package Rate: $112.50/day
Wired mic package free when combined with rental of one loudspeaker package and one mixer package.

Audio Technical Wireless Handheld Cardioid Microphone.  ATW-RC13 Rack-mount receiver chassis, ATW-RU13 receiver unit and AATW-T1002 handheld dynamic unidirectional microphone/transmitter.  
Base Package Rate: $25/day.
Audio Technical Wireless Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone.  ATW-RC13 Rack-mount receiver chassis, ATW-RU13 receiver unit and ATW-T1001 UniPak® transmitter with MT830cW lavalier microphone
Base Package Rate: $25/day.


Our lighting rig can be added to any of our systems, but at this time it is restricted to use indoors only.

BASIC Stage Lighting Package:

8 x ADJ Dots Par RGB LED Point Source COB (Chip On Board) Par Cans
2 x 9' Tripod Lighting Stands with T-Bar and White Elastic Tripod Scrims
1 x DMX Controller with iPad control
1 x Chauvet Data Stream 4 Optical DMX Splitter
All required cabling.
Base Package Rate: $115/day

Pricing last updated November 2017.  All pricing subject to equipment and crew availability, and subject to change without notice.  Please contact us to discuss the specific needs of your event.