Some photos of Jeremy's time performing with The Day He Quit

Some photos of the ELS (European Loud Speaker) Pro Audio repair shop in Coombs, and some ELS Live Sound gigs.

Some photos of the amp building process.  For those interested, it's a single channel class-A cathode bias circuit with two switchable gain stages, several tube socket configurations, and a power scale circuit.  It's sound is best described as a happy blend of a Marshall Plexi and a Dumble Overdrive.  Hear it for yourself on The Day He Quit's "Final EP".

Jeremy Young

Live Sound Engineer, Musician, Songwriter, Performer, Music Lover

Jeremy loves music.  Growing up in Nanaimo BC, he started playing piano in elementary school, but it wasn't until high school when he picked up a guitar that he really found a way to express himself.  His first performances included a rendition of Joe Satriani's "Midnight", and a cover of The Pixies' "Where's My Mind".  By 17 years old he was gigging in bands playing original rock songs in the vein of Incubus, Rush and Tool, with blazing guitar solos and effect-heavy riffs.  10 years later he had performed hundreds of shows, written dozens of songs, released four EP's and was handling all of the management duties in his most successful endeavour: alternative prog-rock band The Day He Quit.  

In 2010 he took his love of live performances to the next step and enrolled in a Live Sound certification course taught by industry legend Randy Bergner (FOH engineer for The Scorpions, Trooper, and many more) through the world renowned guitar luthier school Summit School.  Within weeks he had secured a full-time job in working for Randy at ELS Pro Audio based in Coombs BC, managing the electronics repair shop and helping Randy on their concert production as an A2 technician.  Randy was a wealth of knowledge on everything from tour management, speaker customization, mixing, equipment maintenance, and making people smile.

Jeremy received his Live Sound Certification at the end of 2010, and during his time at ELS Pro Audio he familiarized himself with nearly every brand and type of loudspeaker, microphone, mixer and instrument thanks to their extensive electronics and speaker repair business.  Working with acclaimed guitar amp builder Mark Stephenson, he built a 30-watt all-tube guitar amp from scratch which he was able to use during The Day He Quit's "Final EP" recording process at Fader Mountain Sound.

During his tenure at ELS, they upgraded the house PA system at the Rod & Gun Pub, just off the beach in Parksville, BC.  After the installation was complete, Jeremy took on house tech duties for several hundred events, from Led Zeppelin tribute bands and touring International acts, to Hip Hop legends and local DJ's.  Jeremy soon began supplementing the system with his own microphones, outboard gear and cabling, and he gained quite a lot of a attention for his smooth mixes, attention to detail and great attitude.

After Randy's sudden passing in 2012, Jeremy relocated to Victoria and worked freelance as an audio engineer for Shortt Sound and at private events.  He began working towards his goal of being a medium-scale regional sound provider for the incredibly talented musicians that call Vancouver Island their home, or those who visit from afar without the budget for travelling production.  Jeremy took everything he learned from his time with Randy and hit the books to build the most efficient one-person scalable equipment inventory that current technology would allow without going bankrupt.

Jeremy still plays guitar, but spends most of his time studying acoustics and the specialized skills needed to craft an excellent mix in less-than-ideal acoustical environments.  He currently works at Emco Corporation as a Hydronic Heating System Designer, but Brown Bear Sound is now accepting bookings for small to medium sized events.

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